Bills… and MORE Bills

Just woke up early in the morning for my kickboxing and my dad passed me a stack of letters. Bills again… How come my HP bills almost $100 again?! Sigh… But can’t find any plans with a lot of sms..

Came back from kickboxing and lunch. Had fish and chips. ^^ Then now back at home, but nobody is at home… Hm.. wonder where they all had gone to. If its far, then I’ll ‘sneak’ out. ^^

Woke up from a nap… and all the people disappeared. Wondered where they gone to AGAIN. But I know I’m so tired. Just now I really can’t open my eyes at all. Zhuzhu don’t know gone to where. Seemed to have disappear… Thats what I meant… Anyway, just received an sms, think the salsa will be postponed to after CNY till 26 February. So sad…

Decorated the corridor outside then went to take dinner at Cha Chan Ting at Kovan. Treated them with my bonus. Hee hee hee… Now very full. Fat already. Ate so late. Tomorrow got to work again.

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