Valentines’ Day Gift

Two more days and it’ll be Valentines’ Day!! But I haven’t thought of what to get… YET! How?? Going to prepare for work now. Today will be quite busy. Going WZ’s place for dinner after work.

Just had my lunch. Now its 1.25pm. Today very hot, so glaring. Got my tickets for SG’s concert. Oh yes! Talk about SG, on friday night, I really got a big fright. Had a nightmare… Was dreaming of talking to WZ, who was sitting in front of me, then suddenly I felt someone hugging me from behind and I found it weird ‘cos WZ was in front of me. So I turned my head over and see and I saw SG! *faintz* Then after that I turned around and saw WZ’s face going &%)#@&^. Then I woke up and someone is really hugging me! Luckily I turned around this time and I saw WZ *Phew* Scare the hell out of me… =.=”’

You know the kind of fear which you had no exact idea what you are afraid of? But yet you just don’t feel good.. I don’t feel good.. Rather busy for the whole afternoon though… And I haven’t gotten my Valentines’ Day gift…

Why?…. *cry*

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