Pimple Broke

The pimple flattened but still there’s a big patch of redness around that. Hopefully it will recover before Chinese New Year. Found a box of cookies on my table. Wonder who put it there… No name, no nothing, later shall go ask around. Tomorrow is Valentines’ Day and I HAVEN’T GOTTEN THE PRESENT! *faintz* Yesterday he already complaining. Said its our first Valentines’ Day and I never go and prepare the present. Oops… Today will be treating SL, YF and HS to lunch (from me, EZ and HY). Going to the Japanese restaurant at PSA (No idea where it is).

Terrible!!! I’ve got another pimple on my the left side of the face! *faintz* Very busy after coming back from lunch, doing some deployment things. And at the same time, cracking my head on what to get/do for Valentines’ Day gift… So bad… Can’t think of anything to do already. How come? Sigh… Can’t concentrate on work because of that… Later going to meet Dennis and Clarise again.

Wah… discussed till 12am+… SO TIRED… Anyway, more or less finished the discussion except Clarise will be calling me to get some details. Dennis asked me if I’m interested to become an agent. Well, I did think about it but currently I’m still quite happy with what I have. But I don’t mind exploring and see if I like it. Dennis said I’ll have to do some psychomatric tests.

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