Happy Valentines’ Day!

Happy Valentines’ Day! Tonight going out with WZ. Just now heard SY said something about him.. Well… Don’t really feel so good but I suppose, I’m the only one who knows best if he’s suitable for me right?

Wah piang… I was listenin to my mp3 player then i want to watch a clip from Youtube. So I paused the mp3 player n played the clip but i kept wondering how come NO sound *dumb* By the way, YF’s wife probably going to give birth today!

For him: 2 HP accessories with the name “Skyes” & “Stella” hanging on two small Vodka bottle. Inside filled with 85 (total) small little rolled up notes.
For her: 1 heart-shaped bottle filled with Hello Panda biscuits and some “sweetie words” and one game for adult – “LUST!”. Terrible… *faintz*

Had a simple and sweet Valentines’ Day…

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