Changed Seat

Just finished shifting and changing seat from 07 to 06. Now sitting beside Regine and Sylvia. Yeah! All the girls! ^^ Take a photo let WZ see. Kekeke… Very tired today but alright, still can tahan. Tonight going to eat fish head soup with the Ken Gang at Kovan. Oh yah! YF’s wife gave birth. Not pig baby, but dog baby, but born on Valentines’ Day!! He must be really happy! ^^ Good for him!

Eating the Hello Panda that WZ bought. Hm.. Just now was messaging WZ, then I told him I where got not committed. And he replied “Commit physically, emotionally, but not totally mentally” which is true… Just can’t seem to… Yet. I think I really need to settle all the things with YT first before I can really commit myself. And somehow, I still feel quite stress about things relating to relationship. Maybe had some kind of phobia.

11.27pm, I just reached back not long ago from dinner. They really talked a lot of rubbish. Going to rest a while more, then give Clarise a message, see if she wants me to do the test. Will try to sleep earlier tonight. Face rotting…

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