Pre-Pre Chinese New Year

Yeah! Today half day! Going Noble House to eat “Yu Sheng” later with the company! *So tired* This morning, Skyes extra sweet ne… ^^ *Happy Happy* Anyway, must really control my food intake. Early morning, Mum was complaining about me wearing a top thats a bit tight. %&@#~!

Yeah! Finished the coding! Maybe still a bit messy but not too bad already. Left the testcases… Wonder if need to send to TL..

Went Noble House for lunch just now. Nice. So funny. We “Yum Seng” 3 times – One for get-together, Two to wish Good Luck to SG’s concert, and Three we strike TOTO FIRST PRIZE!! Now back at home, going to have dinner soon. Just now came home and arrange the flowers for mum. Bought a pair of cute brown heels just now. Later going to watch movie with Skyes.

Sleepy. The movie wasn’t too bad – Just Follow Law. Quite funny. Went Bishan GV to watch. After that want to go home but realised don’t have cashcard, so in the end went to buy. Told Skyes one thing – he’s rather quick temper. Not steady enough when there’s something cock up. But well, can be trained.

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