Reunion Dinner

Time really passes so fast. Today is already the reunion dinner day. Went jogging with DW just now. So tired and hot. Mum said she don’t allow me to go Bangkok. Well, now see how already. Don’t think WZ will want to go Australia also.

Doing mask now. My face is rotting! Think WZ sleeping already. He must be really tired. I also very tired, but need to pack my room a bit and help my mum prepare those goodies. Very funny, someone post a topic at, under “In the Heartlands”, with the title “Family’s ‘illegal’ CNY decorations”. And apparently quite a lot of people went in to view and write comments. Of course its positive ones! ^^

Had a really very nice reunion dinner! Took a photo of each individual and then I collated it into a wallpaper. KAWAII NE!! And its quite fun to irritate Skyes sometimes. *Giggles*

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