I Can’t Take It…

There’s a reason to why am I not thinking about all the problems, pains, whatever that I have. I can’t take it… I’ll go nuts. I really will… I seriously don’t wish to go into depression again. I can’t think. I can’t. I will not let myself get into that again. No, not depression again. I can’t be reminded. Its too painful. Its not just ONE, its SO MANY FREAKING TIMES! I’d had enough!! I REALLY DO!! Someone please help me… Why am I being reminded?? And some more by him… Why??? Why… Why am I being reminded at the point where I’m trying to love someone whole-heartedly again… Why?

Moody for the whole day, so I sang karaoke with my sister till its time to meet WZ. I knew he wanted to say something to me the moment I saw him. Yes, he did. “Don’t break up. I don’t want to break up. I know my career isn’t that….”, thats more or less the things I heard.. I felt it.. He never ever want that to happen.. He really loves me a lot..

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