I totally don’t have any recollection of the things that happened last night after the point where I helped my mum they all to pack all the food into the plastic bag. Terrible… I felt so gross now. Woke up in the morning with a terrible headache. Can’t even walk straight. I only remember I puked like mad the night before. Took morning leave ‘cos I totally can’t make it to the office… Then after that went to meet WZ for lunch. Quite sweet of him, to bring me to eat porridge since I told him that I’ve got no appetite. Then now I’m back in office. Still a bit blur. Hopefully later will be better. Tonight going to WZ’s house to Bai Nian.

Went to WZ’s house for dinner. Still find it weird but alright. Really damn bloody pissed with him! Always irritates me one! And deliberately some more! Then laugh and laugh and laugh. What’s so funny about irritating me?? TMDWGWBD!!! @#)&%(@)&^ Don’t want to talk to him. *Angry*

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