Very Busy Day

*Phew* Didn’t have much time to rest since the morning. Yesterday the whole office was quite empty. Today its back to the rather normal working spirit. And since morning, I’ve been working and working non-stop at different things. Lunch time soon. Hungry. Will not take breakfast from now on. Got to control my diet a bit. Today not pissed with WZ already. Stupid idiot him.

Bought one honeydew but haven’t eat yet. Ate half a mandarin orange though and half a cup of green tea. Need to go on diet. Healthy Living! Yeah! Just asked Christina to go Australia with me. Wondering if she would go. Will have to wait till Monday then check to see who should I approach for my taking of annual leave. Might be going Bintan with Skyes too. Visiting @ Junhao’s place this sunday will be cancelled ‘cos the response not very good. So in the end, I’ll organise one, just for a few of us at Hougang area. Alright, back to work!

Finally going home and managed to clear all my things! Yeah! 3 cheers! But tomorrow going to help CK and SG for the SIT/QA. Well, I don’t mind doing more work. In fact, I LOVE IT! ^^ (As long as no OT)

Came home, doing facial now. I really fat a lot… So sian.. I hate to go on diet.. Tried once.. So sian… *sigh*

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