Blisters on Feet

Pain…. the blisters caused by the heels I wore yesterday. So today got butterfly effect and so still pain… Don’t know why so sleepy. Slept at 1 am last night. “I want u for everythin. Every day of my future life……” So mushy, but its kinda sweet ^^ *Giggles*

Just went for my lunch with MC and AT. Had a chat with them on the flat that I “have”. To MC, he found it alright to ask my new bf to take over the flat but AT found it a bit weird. Me? I find it weird too, but I really like the place a lot. But then again, it depends on my the other new half right? After all, it really doesn’t seem that fine in a way. But of course, it will save quite a bit of money. That day I went to take a look, its on its level 12 already. A year from now probably will be done. Thats like… June 2008. Too young.

The day for work ending soon, 15 more minutes to go! Just managed to save $22 today. Removed the MMS Saver for my HP, and downgraded my internet. *Happy* Must try to cut down on things and save already. Cannot always spend and spend and spend. Tomorrow MUST go and open account!

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