47 TTP

I had a nightmare… Dreamt that WZ almost mati… Scare the hell out of me… *CRY OUT LOUD*… Going Shawn’s house tomorrow at 47 TTP. Heard its quite BIG, I mean the ang bao… Anyway, going for K lunch now with WZ. Ciao!

A long long day…. Went for K lunch, then sing till 2pm before we went to the McDonald’s and had 2 ice-creams. After that, I took a bus and went to VivoCity where I FINALLY OPENED my SC Account (which I tried in the morning but failed ‘cos the queue wasn’t moving at all and I was late for the KTV). Put $10 inside. Will transfer money inside once I gotten the username and password. After that, I took a cab down to Shawn’s place. He ordered a lot of food, and I really mean a lot but as for his ang bao… Well… it isn’t THAT big, but its ok. Leon and Skyes came to pick me after that and we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza, and then to Botak Jones, and then to get the tickets from Syl, and back to Leon’s place to play Monopoly. Skyes really tempted to get a car but he needs to save money for his degree. Well, very fun night. ^^

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