SG’s Performance

Back home after a long long day. Reached back only in the morning, rested for a while and went for my kickboxing with Shan. Today was terrible, stretched until like mad. I’m quite sure tomorrow my whole body will be aching. After that, “lao yu sheng” with my family. Very funny, they all throw until so high. Managed to ask my sister to sent me to AMK mrt where I took the train down to Newton to meet Skyes and Ed to watch SG’s concert. Well… the concert wasn’t that fabulous but was expected in a way. After that, only Skyes and me went for dinner. Ed got to go home for dinner. Now I’m back home, just had a phone chat with Skyes… Somehow, I can feel that he’s quite disappointed that I’m not bringing him home yet. And that I’m uncomfortable with eating at his house also. But then again, I’m a person who doesn’t talk much. What do you expect me to do? Don’t feel good… Will try to sleep earlier tonight…

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