Salsa I1 Starts Today!

Its monday again and my whole body is aching from the kickboxing. I’m quite sure I don’t have enough rest. And can feel myself breaking down already. And my waist is like… GONE! Terrible. 3kg of FATS. I’ll have to get rid of that. Back to work again and I need to settle my house. Will need to message him. *faintz* How?…

I haven’t called yet… *stress*

Called… he said he isn’t free this week, so will call me when he’s free. I don’t feel good… But I can’t tell WZ. I don’t want to tell him. After all, its between me and YT. I don’t want to let him be the one to heal my wounds. I want the wounds to heal themselves over time. Over time…

Some people are really so KPO, like Yvonne Chan, whoever this stupid idiotic person is. What is it any business of hers when others decorate the corridor? Now that she called/contacted STOMP, and then posted there, the town council came and said that its considered vandalism, and that we will need to paint it back WITH THE SAME COLOUR after the festival. SHIT THAT STUPID YVONNE CHAN!!!

Came back home from Salsa and just finished brushing my teeth. Getting fat.. Gross. Tomorrow going to do the lower braces. So excited!

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