Very Painful

Terrible… Pain like mad. Been so long since its so painful. Now putting the $1 coin into the heart-shaped bottle – for En En’s milk money in the future. ^^ Funny right? Most likely Skyes and Leon will be going for the MDIS degree course, which I thought… is the same as the other two. ‘Cos if asked me which I were to take, I’ll definitely consider NUS or NTU which is more recognised. But well… that takes 4 years… and its so painful!!

Can’t really concentrate on work ‘cos the teeth too painful and I think I haven’t got enough sleep yet. But there are things that I need to finish by tomorrow. And if today I were to take MC, I doubt that I’ll be able to finish by tomorrow. Die…

I’m taking MC. Going back home. Dad coming to fetch. Having headaches now.

Back home and took my dinner already. Went to see a doctor just now and got my MC for today and tomorrow. Wondering if I should go to work tomorrow. But I’ve got things to finish. How?

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