On MC Today

Alright, this is the day where I don’t feel like doing anything. No, I ain’t faking sick. It’s really still quite painful and uncomfortable, unless I don’t eat or talk. But don’t know why the head still seems a bit goggy. Not enough sleep still? Anyway, will try to make full use of the time to do those things that I’m suppose to do. Excluding shopping.

Did a lot of things from morning till now. The time is 3.21pm. Did facial mask and for the eyes one. Helped Leon burned the mp3. Packed my wardrobe and back up my PC. Now waiting for mum to go and bathe, then accompany her to go UOB to open an account. Received a SMS from Edna around afternoon. She told me that Ethan left (which I knew already) but she told me another thing. Lindi told her and SG that they might be dismissed if they remained that incompetent. Honestly I don’t know what to say. Its like, you never know what’s going to happen. Savings… suddenly it seems so very important to me.

Stupid Mum!!! Ask her to help me catch a beetle. She caught it then came and chased after me! #!@&^%#&) Me going to sleep already. 11.18pm already. Goodnight! #&^!?%)@&^(@%

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