Back to Work

Its friday and I’m going back to work after 1.5 days of rest. Yes, its a good rest. Else, you can feel your body deteoriating. But well, really realised the importance of savings. Wondering if I’m too late for that…

Came back from lunch. Went to PGP to eat. Just now had a meeting with Des and talked about the future plans. Apparently this year will be quite busy. And you know what? Mansion is a lot better than us! A bit amazing honestly. Anyway, I had chicken chop just now. Ate slowly. Now, I need to finish some of the work. Ganbatte ne!

Just came back from dinner at the “Yu Tou Lu” at Kovan. Okay… I was unhappy. Very unhappy. But I’m not angry with him. Its not his fault that the girl flirt with him, I know that. But I just “buay song” that he still talk so much with her. Really don’t feel good. Some more they keep repeating and repeating and repeating. Though I know there’s nothing but the more you hear, the more you don’t feel good, right? Imagine a girl kept hitting on your boyfriend. Win already! WTF!

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