Nancy’s Wedding

I’d been attending weddings after weddings. And today is Nancy’s. She held her church wedding already but now its the wedding banquet. Don’t really understand why she need to hold this also. Anyway, its very tough on my pocket money. *Sulk* I don’t feel sad when I attend those weddings. Not that I can’t continue mine, then I’ll feel sad. Anyway, I helped a friend – LSL, to give her all the tips on planning a wedding! What will be, will be…

Back from my medical checkup. Met Cyndi there, my University Course and Hall mate. She’s still with Alywin. Very long already! But they never thought of getting married yet. Anyway, had quite a chat with her and she invited me to go hiking some day (some day ^^). Now I’m still downloading Vivian Chow’s songs.

Went for the wedding. Saw quite a few people over there and Serene, the instructor from Caliente! The place was nice, Peony-Jade Restaurant at Clarke Quay. After the dinner, we went to walk around Clarke Quay. So different already after the renovation. Then Leon came to pick me up and we went to WZ’s house. Both of them went to cut their hair. Leon’s one.. was a bit too hip (for him) but it looks alright. WZ’s one was very cute!! Made him look like a small little boy! ^^

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