‘Auntie’ is Here

I woke up in the morning, went to the toilet and got a big scare. WHAT THE H*** is THAT? There’s a patch of look like blood, yet look like shit thingy on my panties. Well, after verifying for quite a while, I realised its my menses. Hee hee… *Phew* I thought what is it… Now I’m back at work. Doing something on Project Lighthouse. Apparently… I think I do things too quickly. Thats why ended up always nothing else to do. So maybe I should start doing things a bit slower from now on.

Flooding… Today WZ very busy. But its alright, I can entertain myself. AR gave me some work to do, which I’m glad. But I’m doing it really slowly now. I mean, what’s the point of doing it so quickly? Went to apply for Citibank Clear Platinum credit card just now. They better call me later ‘cos the name on the card, I want to standardise everything. “Sxxxxx Lxx TM”. Nice right?

Back from salsa. Just now went to the McDonald’s for some ice-cream. Today am extremely tired, due to the PMS. Salsa was still fun but I don’t really have the energy to dance, especially the SHINES. I have totally no idea how, couldn’t really concentrate. Just now, back at work, I was so shock when I turn and saw Sylvia with her eyes red. Something as wrong, I knew it before that. She’s tired ‘cos of her parents. How can I help? Grace talked to me after that. She wanted me to persuade Sylvia. I know I should, for her own good, else she’s going to break down. But… can I really persuade her? I’m so physically tired today. Guess WZ also…

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