Why do you miss people?

Tuesday already… Tonight zhu zhu going to play basketball, so I’ll be going home. Good. I can take a rest also ^^. If not everyday go out, I’ll feel tired too. Some more I’m losing lots of blood now. But then I’ll miss him a lot when I don’t see him. Time really passes very fast. One more week then it’ll be 2 years to my Goddad’s death anniversary. *miss him* It’s funny sometimes huh? One day, you were celebrating your birthday with your love ones. 2 days later, your the other half passed away… Maybe… Just maybe… His last wish was to celebrate my Godma’s birthday…

I had a talk with him last night. Honestly… I felt like bringing him home so much. I really mean so much… But why am I not doing that? Because I’m scare… Scare that everything bad repeats again. Scare to ‘hurt’ my mum again. She’s worried for me, very worried. But when will I be ready? I don’t know. I really don’t know…

Finished my lunch with Edna. Had a talk with her. Hope everything will be better now. ^^ Ken just told me that he’s single again. He must be really sad… YT too… Almost the same scenario. But I still think its inevitable.

I feel so physically tired now. I think its the PMS that causes it. Clarise asked me to help out DC this saturday. Well… Guess I can’t accompany WZ to the SIM Edu Fair already. Anyway, I think he won’t be able to rush down and meet me and then I go for my exotic dance class later. Then just sms Cyndi that I’m alright with the hiking this sunday. No idea why do I still bother to go for the hiking. Anyway, this weekend Shan won’t be free, so if I choose to go for the kickboxing, I’ll be going alone. So I chose to skip it. Die… My HP bills’s going to exceed a lot this month AGAIN.

Don’t know why but suddenly, I felt so tired. Just feel like sleeping… It’s not the normal kind of tired, its more of exhausted. Did I throw myself with too much work? Have I got enough rest? I think I should try to sleep earlier. I really mean, REALLY. For my health sake.

TMD! What kickoff meeting at 6.30pm! BLOODY HELL! Stupid I and A! Cannot have breakfast after 9.30am but can have meeting after 6.30pm. So restricted and still want us to OT! KNN!

Wanted to come home and rest early but in the end, already 11pm, I’m still not asleep. Didn’t go for any meeting just now ‘cos WT came to look for me. Oh well, got a 100 bucks increment. Good huh? Will put that extra $100 into the SC account. Oh yes… I think I can’t put $500 in POSB, I’ll use it. Right? Control. Control.

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