Brain seems E.M.P.T.Y.

Not very sure why but ever since morning, the brain doesn’t seem to be working very well. Like there’s some clouds around my vision. Starting to work on a new project. Need to finish by friday. Steady!

Yeah! I finally found the 2 songs I’ve been looking for!!! *Happy* Just now saw CK getting angry with GF, kinda shock. Today quite busy ‘cos of the new project. Anyway, Zhu also busy. Just heard some news, GC quitting, going to KL there. Well…

Extremely busy for the whole day till I want to go crazy. Suddenly at 3pm+, I need to do repacking and deployment. Then I need to make some changes to the codes. Then suddenly got an hour of meeting, until 6pm. After that, is a period of chaotic working. Luckily Skyes came to pick me up for the movie and we managed to make it on time for the movie – Primeval. Got scare a few times… Bought Old Chang Kee inside to the cinema to eat. Nice night.

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