No Salsa for Me Today *cry*

*CRY* Ankle still so painful!! Can’t dance salsa today!! So terrible!! Don’t want to go hiking again!! And I miss my zhu zhu… *CRY*

Shall try not to walk so much. Back in office already. Today is Goddad’s death anniversary. Miss him…

Back home. Went for salsa just now. Hardly dance, just sat there and watch. Made WZ angry just now ‘cos he waited for half an hour. Didn’t manage to go off in time ‘cos the things just kept coming in. Terrible… And now I got online, EZ is still online. It really made me feel bad, that I had to drop all the things to her and leave early. Doesn’t she understand that she hasn’t got enough rest? Just now when Skyes sent me home… my sister saw us O.O”’

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