Sorting Out the Work Process

Terrible work flow. Its so simply terrible. Will have to sort out all these processes, else either me or EZ will die…

Till now, haven’t sort out the process yet. Anyway, helping HY with his things now. The deadline already delayed. Hopefully can finish this by today, else everyone will get it AGAIN. Just now had lunch with Syl at Harbourfront Foodcourt. Chatted about a lot of things, and on the safety of girls, which I find, there’s really a disadvantage for females who are more petite. Anyway, WZ called me after that, so sweet!! ^^

I’m still in the office. *Hungry* The process… wasn’t sort at all. Why am I still in the office? Because its raining quite heavily, so I decided to stay in the office. But… the food isn’t here yet and I’m so hungry… Should have left… Never mind, I shall stay until 8.30pm, 45 minutes more, then take a cab down to WZ’s place. ^^

Sigh… WZ just called to say he going to play basketball… Sigh… Was still planning to go down and hug him… Half an hour more only… So disappointing… Then I OT for what?… *Pout*… Eat already then go home..

Alright, it wasn’t that bad to go home and rest early. Was talking to SL on my way home. There’s a lot of things going on “at the back”. And if it happens, its gonna be bad, really bad. Can I, am I able to do something? Maybe I should have a talk with BY tomorrow.

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