300 Half Naked Man

Going to watch the movie – 300 – today. About 300 half naked man… FIGHTING! Yes, its all about the team spirit, but why can’t I sense it? Something is missing… Too many layers… Too many delays… Too slow…

“Please keep this to yourself”… This is the phrase I heard from ES so many times… THEN WHAT’S THE POINT OF TELLING ME???!!!! (1) SG is leaving. (2) SJ & RY are an item. (3) Company is reshuffling again. I need somewhere to vent out..

Alright, company is reshuffling but it doesn’t seem to affect people much, so well, doesn’t really matter. Had lunch with Syl and I was complaining so much. Spent most of the time after that to discuss and smoothen the process for deployment. Then its meeting after meeting… We are really THAT slow… Imagine people from the top management asking us again and again, where’s the bottleneck? Went for the movie with WZ, quite a nice movie, wonder if its real… Then went to WZ’s house. He’s so funny! Sang a song, by Tony Leung, to me. Sweet!

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