Slept at about 1am+ yesterday, after coming back from WZ’s place, so now, I’m really very sleepy… Saturday will be going for a facial. Going to work in another half an hour. Sometimes really don’t feel like working.

Today don’t seem to be that busy but there’s deployment, so might need to OT. Well… see how things goes. Skyes going basketball today anyway, so I’ll go home after work. Sleep earlier, have a good rest.

Just came back from lunch. Went to the market at Telok Blangah to eat my lunch. Had wanton mee, which is not too bad, except that the mee is a bit too long. Skyes messaged me and said he most probably won’t be going to play basketball today so… ^^

In WZ’s room now, just came from office. Was doing a mantis given by BY. Not too bad. Will try to finish by tomorrow morning, before lunch. Its a challenge to myself!

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