OT on a Sunday

Yeah! Finally drove after 1 year of never drive at all. Just now dad asked me to drive to the Hougang MRT and I’m thinking “Why not?”. But steady! Just not very familiar, but else, nothing wrong. Good. *Giggles* Now? I’m back at work at 11.30am. *Pout*

CH said she’s going to give me 2 free red wine massage… Hm… Wonder if male can go. *Giggles* If alright, then I’ll go and ask WZ to go. Anyway, probably can’t find any free time to go. Just came back from lunch. 4.20pm. Yes, late lunch but no choice. CK said by 5pm, if there’s nothing wrong, probably can go off (Optimistic Thinking), but I doubt so. Go out with family, or ask WZ? *Ponder*

Oh.. So sad.. So terribly sad.. Had already planned to go WZ’s place.. But now.. My family went to Harbourfront.. So… *CRY* *CRY* *CRY* *CRY* *CRY* *CRY*

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