Catching My Breath

*Takes a DEEP breath* So tired… Today is monday. Now its about lunch time. From the time I reached office after half an hour of traffic jam, its a non-stop of reading, meeting, and rushing here and there, this and that. But well! Its a MONDAY!

Busy busy busy. Didn’t have time to do anything but I managed to get away at 6.30pm and reached WZ’s place just in time to see him ride in. Yesterday his mother cooked fried kuay teow. It tastes quite nice, really. WZ really very cute and sweet. Loving him more and more each day. His temper probably isn’t that good, but he has not yet flared up on me for no good reasons. And he’s a very funny guy, never failed to make me laugh. His birthday coming… but what can I get for him? Leon suggested a CK wallet. But CK… eeek… a bit OBIANG… Ah Beng’s brand… I don’t like… How? Salsa was fun. WZ was so funny! Adeline was dancing with Leon, and she ended up losing her balance (‘cos Leon anyhow turned her) and she stopped behind WZ, holding his shoulders for balance. And the only reaction from WZ was “你做什么这样的!”, with a shocked face! *LOL* Went McDonald’s for ice-cream after that, with Jayce. He actually stays rather near to me. Somewhere at YCK, in a bungalow, studied in RJC and going on a scholarship from A*Star to Chicago. But alright, he’s quite a nice guy, 21 year old guy. Suddenly I felt quite old… -.-”’

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