OT Tonight Again

Tonight prepared to OT already. Skyes’s going for basketball. *Miss him*

Alright… I don’t feel good. Kinda feel down today. Not sure why… Sigh… How? And I think today Skyes’s rather busy too… *SCREAM!!!!!!!!*

Aaaaaahhhh…….!!!!!! I’m going nuts!!!!!!! Something is not right today! I did something stupid AGAIN! This morning, I changed something – A, but I kept testing for B, and so I wondered for an hour or so, trying to find out where’s the problem. STUPID! Then I talked to RT and couldn’t say out what I wanted to convey to her. And now, I kept wondering what’s wrong with the function and in the end, its ‘cos I never include that file!! Of course there’s no such function!! *faintz*

Great… I made a mistake… Now I had to re-do… *TMD*

Worked till 10.30pm. *Phew* Managed to finish 1.5 out of 4. Not too bad. Tomorrow can go to work late. So can rest a bit more. Went to Skyes’s place after work. Miss him too much.. ^^ He went to play basketball and in the end, was knocked down by a big-sized guy, and landed on his buttock. Think must be really painful for him ‘cos he was screaming like hell when I helped him rubbed his butts. *Shake head*

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