DW’s Birthday

Yeah! Cousin’s birthday today! So fast! 29 years old already! Sigh… But time really passes so fast… What have I achieved? *Sulk* Tomorrow… Sigh… Well… Hope everything goes well today. At 12pm – 12.30pm, got one nurse coming down to take my urine… SO TROUBLESOME!! Check and check and re-check! Oh yes! I still haven’t take the YF’s pandan cake… Still at home now at 9.30am. Going to prepare for breakfast and work already. SG quitted. GC quitted. CK quitted. SO going to quit… Who’s next?

Just came back from lunch with SK and ES. So full. Had fish soup today. Reached office at about 11am just now, and then at about 12pm, got one guy, called… Ronnie? Came to collect the urine sample. So troublesome… But anyway, now, my task is to quickly finish my things on hand and go WZ’s place for dinner tonight! He seems busy ne…

Have you ever felt so fortunate before? I had a tiff with WZ at night. ‘Cos I don’t feel too good when I know that tomorrow is a day that I used to remember. And plus the song that we are listening to, the sadness just came. Don’t ask me why I feel sad out of nowhere. It happens, for years, and its still happening. I don’t bother about that anymore. At least its getting better already. Remember those times when I just broke down and cry? Luckily Nana was there for me… Anyway, ended up I went back on my own ‘cos I really don’t want him to see me cry. Personally, I still find that, I shouldn’t rely on him too much when it comes to this. It’s ‘cos of my past relationships that causes it and I shouldn’t get him into it… But in the end, I still do… He told me to tell him everything, so I told him that I really need him beside me, and you know what? He really came to my house and hug me… ^^ *So touched* He really loves me a lot… don’t he?

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