99.9% vs 99.8%

“99.9 is for me to love u”… *Giggles* So sweet… Just a little bit lesser, 0.1… 爱死他!

Yeah!! Tomorrow going to Night Safari!!! *Jumps up and down!* I’ve never been there before! Zhu zhu really very nice!! My 99.8% of love, won’t let him down! ^^ Let’s see what can I do ne… His birthday coming. I’m going Australia. He’s going on tour also. So many things happening!! Oh yes! Baby names!! I’ll give him another list. *Giggles*

Was so busy these few days till I don’t have much time to write in my blog except early in the morning or at night. Managed to finish my part of the work! *Cheers* But sometimes when I saw the way they work, I’m actually quite pissed. They knew they had to finish the work by tomorrow. And they knew they still got one whole chunk of work to do. But yet, they can stay back and play instead of doing the work. I’m perfectly alright with them in playing. But… where’s the work done? “Where is the Sense of Urgency” Yes, thats what they meant…

Went to Skyes’s place after I finished my work and decided not to stay some more to finish the others. What’s the point? You are like fighting on your own… Anyway, will be going to Night Safari on saturday night. Saturday will be a really busy day…

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