Deadline is Today

I wonder if can finish it by today… I’ve been taking car rides from one of my friend to work but I realise, other than the convenience, it isn’t really that good. Why? ‘Cos friends will still have conflicts. And I hate to have a debate early in the morning when I’m not fully awake. Will see how things goes… It sucks to get a car too. The parking itself is like $180 a month for season parking, else $1/hour for normal parking. Thats freaking expensive! I call cab also only $17 maximum. I need to save money but I’m still in debts. Got to have a better way of “putting the money” away.

Deadline… Yes.. Probably we are all going to be really DEAD. Sigh… In the early morning whereby we are suppose to finish, we are STILL changing the specs, and re-doing what we had done. And then I realised all their concepts are – manager site is easy.. Ya ritey… I DON’T wish to OT today lor..

3pm now. So funny… I received a call, totally had no idea who is it ‘cos the phone number wasn’t in my phonebook. Anyway I picked it up, and the person at the other end said “Hello”, so I just replied. And then he repeated “Hello” again, and so I replied again. And then he said another time, and I was like O.O and so I asked, “Who are you looking for?” And after that… its a continuous of “Wah lau! My voice you also can’t recognize.. @)%&@)^!)@#%&” Oops… It was zhu zhu… ^^… His HP battery’s flat.

Overslept!!! Went WZ’s place for dinner then took a nap there. By the time I woke up, its already 00:23!!! *Scream* Ran all the way down, took a cabby and went home.

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