Searching for WZ’s Present

Woke up and went for my kickboxing. Only managed to sleep for 3 hours, from 5am to 8am. Chatted with WZ for the whole night. Couldn’t sleep more at 8am already. Finally collected YF’s baby’s cake but don’t have the pandan ones, so I topped up money for the black forest. Well.. couldn’t be bothered to have something on my mind. Went home and couldn’t sleep again so chatted with WZ for a while before going out to search for his present. And I got it! Mont Blanc card holder with a clip for the cash! Very class! No! I’m not going to say how much it cost, but its definitely more than the amount I would spend on myself. Don’t know why… But I like to spend on him… must be ‘cos I’ve got nothing much to buy for myself already. Anyway, met him for movie – Music & Lyrics after that. Its a very nice show! And the songs inside were very nice! Gave him the present after that… Well.. of course he likes it. He HAD to! *Giggles* But I think he really likes it… ^^ 成功!

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