On My Own

Today… HY on leave, so I’ve got no car to take.. and it rained HEAVILY. Well.. at least I never get caught in the rain. Dad sent me to the MRT. Got a list of things that I need to clear, and EZ also on leave till wednesday, so GANBATTE!

Ate my lunch already ‘cos hungry. Body aching… Just changed my friendster’s profile, as well as WZ’s! *Giggles*

I feel so tired… I spent like 2 hours talking to CW in the afternoon. Terrible… I couldn’t finished my things but I still had to go for my salsa.. Honestly.. I couldn’t really concentrate at the salsa class… ‘cos recently, I’m always so busy and tired. Anyway, will pause for a while before continuing I2. Really need a break from work. Its too much already. Time is 11.06pm, I’ll go do up my testcases later…

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