“Music & Lyrics” Soundtrack

I’m looking for these two songs – “Way Back Into Love” and “Don’t Write Me Off”. These are two of the songs in the “Music & Lyrics” Soundtrack. Its quite nice! If I can’t find, then I’ll go and buy the soundtrack.

For the past 2 hours, I had nothing much to do. *Yawn* Got pros and cons. Pros, I can rest a bit and try to plan out what to buy for the “While-Min-Min-Is-Not-Around-To-Accompany-Zhu-Zhu” Package! Cons, I’m quite bored. Suddenly seems so aimless, sat down in front of the pc, just waiting for the time to pass.. The time is 5.48pm. Oh… Thats 6pm on my watch. Which means, half an hour to go! Woohoo!

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