Happy Birthday Zhu Zhu!

Today is Zhu Zhu’s birthday! And I found the soundtrack!!! Woohoo!! *Quickly go and pack my bag for the chalet*

Not that I’m trying to complain… But I really don’t see the point in wasting time, doing things TWICE? What am I complaining? My TL just sent me a package yesterday, which I think he took quite a while to compile, at least I think so. But when I got it, I think I would rather I do everything from the start… He’s not checking much! Shit him! Waste his time. Might as well get him to do something more beneficial to the company than to try to compile and then I still need to spend so much time RE-packaging it. *Pissed*

Today is really a damn pissing day. Meeting almost whole day then suddenly at 6pm, when I came out from the meeting, SK told me that I need to change something… I look at the changes, which she only thought of now. The only thought that came to my mind was – Shit… I can’t possibly leave on time. And so I worked, tried to finish it but was so pissed till I couldn’t really think. Anyway, ended up we didn’t went to eat the steamboat buffet. We went to order food underneath his house, at the coffeeshop. So paiseh! But I also tried to help SK finished. I think she knew I’m quite pissed ‘cos after that she told me its alright… Well…

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