… My Dar Dar

Missed my darling so much… Till early in the morning, once I woke up, I called him straight away. ^^ I love him SO MUCH!! Anyway, after breakfast, I secretly went to his house first before going back to office at 4pm. Managed to finish quite a bit of things, which was really good. Hopefully […]

Petite PeP

“Petite PeP”, how does this name sounds? Its the name of my new “shop”! Its been quite a while since I’ve even TRIED to have an online shop of my own. Maybe its time already, my mood should be back. Just too bad that Pamela isn’t free to sign up for the Jewellery Design course […]

Dream of Colours

Yesterday watched this HK drama, and I still can’t stop thinking about it! Sometimes I really wonder if I went into the correct line – IT. Why did I study Computer Engineering? Shouldn’t I be in the more creativity line? There’s this course in NAFA, something related to the Jewelry Design. I wonder if I […]

Synet Workshop

Today the office is empty, almost empty ‘cos half of them went for the Synet Workshop on SQL. The TLs and SSEs, of course. Well, look positively, at least I’ve got no one bugging me! ^^ Anyway… Life still goes on. Today came to office, did a bit of make-up to make myself feel better. […]

Buffet @ Blk 693

Came home at 7am again. Was so tired last night till I dozed off at WZ’s place. Wasn’t deliberate, honestly. Today got buffet at my place. Uncle Liao treated for striking 4D. Well, same as usual, lots of people came, and its extremely noisy. Now its 4pm and I’m hiding in my own room. Tried […]