Monday Blues

Blue… Blue… Blue… Just a day not in office, but I felt like something’s missing… Why?

Busy busy busy day… Went Vivocity for lunch with SO. She found another job and will be leaving soon. So many people leaving, why am I still staying? Today I’m so busy… And getting fed up. ES… Sigh.. I have no idea what she’s thinking but if she continues like that, she’ll really go nuts. And that AR… Goodness… he’s getting up on my nerves! Anyway… Today I’m prepared to OT. Then tomorrow will celebrate HY’s birthday. And wednesday go and eat zhu zhu! Oh, I mean, go to his house and eat dinner.. ^^ Today went past the lingerie shop and remembered that day, he dragged me away from it, fearing that I’ll go in and see. So cute!

9.30pm, I’m still in office. Apparently a lot of things cock up. Think WZ finished his facial already. Message him.. heehee.. *Tired*

Work until 11pm before I went home. *Shag*

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