Australia Trip Day 1

Woke up on the plane after a few hours of sleep and continued my “Dream Girls”. Don’t really like that show. Anyway, finally touched down at Brisbane early in the morning – 5am Singapore time. It was 7am in Australia. Messaged Skyes and called my mum after a while. The weather was rather cooling. We went to take our rental cars – 2 of them, Ford, one silver, and one in bright blue. The car was quite big. Drove all the way from Brisbane airport till Gold Coast and reached the apartment that we booked. Big. It was nice and very cosy. We went to take our lunch nearby at Nando’s after that. The chicken tasted really nice. We went to walk around in that area after that, and went supermarket to buy food to cook. The sky turned dark at around 5pm… And the shops were all closed. It was Easter day. Everywhere… the shops are closed. -.-”’ Anyway, there isn’t much to do on the first day except getting lots of rest. Tired. Slept really early.

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