Australia Trip Day 5

Checked out of the apartment at around 10am and then we went to Harbourtown to shop again. ‘Cos that day reached there rather late and was rushing. I bought 2 polo tees for WZ but I still think its rather big. Anyway, its a bit difficult for me to get clothes ‘cos the sizes were all to big. After that, we took a domestic plane to Newcastle at around evening time. By the time we reached Newcastle, it was totally dark but it was only around 7pm. We rented a van, for 12 person. It was totally packed, with luggage. We drove our way to a rather deserted place in Hunter Valley where we booked a house. It was HUGE. And scary too. With 5 rooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 living rooms, 1 swimming pool and a BBQ area. Huge. The Ironstone House. Long House. I slept with my Godma. *Phew*

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