Why are there so many idiots around in this world??? I’m like stuck right in the middle. Honestly, its very irritating, and its pissing me off really badly. Plus the fact that I just came back from holiday and haven’t really gotten used to all the shits around, the moment I’m back, I’m thrown with shits, sorry, but I’m really pissed. Its early in the morning, and I’m complaining. Its not a good thing. I just bathed, eyes hardly opened yet, WZ just called to wake me up and I had a stupid argument with him last night. What is a piece of cloth to him? Yes, I do apologized for the playfulness I had but other than that, I don’t think I did anything to really disrespect him. Anyway, I’m in a cranky mood. I haven’t had enough sleep for the past few days and my eye bags are HUGE. And the work are just shits and shits with all those idiots in the office, I really wish I can bash some people. I can faint anytime now. I think my high blood pressure had never gone that high before.

Spent the last 3 hours having a lunch + coffee break talk with BY and IR and EZ. Vent out everything. Too much for me and EZ to take. Hopefully its useful. Tomorrow we’ll speak to everyone.

Hmm… What do you think of Skyes? In the end, we seemed to be even more loving after that…

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