Because I Said So

Slept at WZ’s place last night, and only came home in the morning around 6am. I was so tired, but then I had my dental appointment at 9am. So I reached home, rest a while and quickly made my way to see Dr. Lien. She said I have a choice of either plucking two of my lower teeth off, which is an easier way, or else, she’ll just use more rubber bands. But the thought of plucking off another two teeth, honestly, doesn’t seem that appealing. Anyway, changed my rubber bands to bright green which seems a bit off. But doesn’t really matter ‘cos I just wanted to try out the colours. Went for K Lunch at Cineleisure after that. Its been quite a while that I last sang, so the voice doesn’t seem to be that good. Anyway, went to accompany WZ to pay the money for his HK trip and saw his cousin, who looks a bit like his mum. More or less, thats the end of the day. Went home to rest for a while before going to watch the movie – Because I said so. Wasn’t too bad, but somehow reminded me of my mum… What else I found out? The 2 of us are definitely not those who likes to shop. Tired, very tired for the rest of the night.

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