Focusing On… What?

I did 30 sit-ups today, for a start. 8.06am, HY haven’t sms me yet. Today is monday. April 23rd. Time passes really fast, its already April and so many people had left Synet since January. Demoralised? Yes, of course. Alright, HY just messaged me, which means, I still have 15 minutes. I really need to save money already. Yesterday I went to calculate my finance. Its terrible, I’m telling you. By this year, I really really want to clear up all my debts. I have to!

Alright… ES decided to move on too… So… one person lesser again. Who else is going? How long am I going to stay? Damn demoralising… *sob* And the work here sometimes is so irritating… When is it enough?

I think I’m really quite sick of it. As much as I love this company, and love the colleagues here. But how long can I stay? How long do I have to wait, when 2 years had passed. Am I being recognised for the work that I do? What EZ mentioned wasn’t wrong either… I’m lost…

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