Synet Workshop

Today the office is empty, almost empty ‘cos half of them went for the Synet Workshop on SQL. The TLs and SSEs, of course. Well, look positively, at least I’ve got no one bugging me! ^^ Anyway… Life still goes on. Today came to office, did a bit of make-up to make myself feel better. And you know what? Today is Allan’s birthday!!! Luckily I saw him on MSN, such a coincidence! And I’m going to meet my sweet darling tonight!

So tired. The time is 7pm. I’m still in office. Will have to wait for my darling to come fetch me after he finished watching his 7 o’clock HK drama. I bought beads again! Yesterday night… Heehee… Kinda missed having lots of beads. What do I do with it? I’ve got no idea. I just felt like buying it. But first of all, I think I should sew those buttons onto my pants first.

So tired… My eyes are both red. Watched the “Dream of Colours” just now at WZ’s place. Before that met Leon for dinner at the Prata shop in Clementi. Now… Waiting for Skyes to call me. ^^

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