Dream of Colours

Yesterday watched this HK drama, and I still can’t stop thinking about it! Sometimes I really wonder if I went into the correct line – IT. Why did I study Computer Engineering? Shouldn’t I be in the more creativity line? There’s this course in NAFA, something related to the Jewelry Design. I wonder if I should go and study. Maybe I should sms Pamela, the classmate I knew in Jap class.

I’m getting so fat!!! *CRY*

Just had my dinner. Almost 7pm now. I spent the last 6 hours, trying to solve ONE problem only. Terrible. Hopefully later when GF is back, I can ask him… Hopefully. Else… *CRY* Today WZ going to play basketball. Me? OT.

Yeah! I finally finished most of the work!!! Luckily got GF and he helped me, else I’ll die… But now, its already 9.50pm. Just now tried calling for cab but there’s NO CAB AT ALL!!! And because I want to watch the drama – Dream of Colours, so here I am, still in the office, going to watch tv soon, in a while more. I’m so tired… But its alright!

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