Having a Stiff Neck

Its 7.15am and I’m awake. What?! I got used to waking up at this hour. Its raining now, so nice to sleep… I’m so extremely tired! Didn’t manage to finish my work yesterday. Was thinking of going back tomorrow and try to finish it up. How? Later going for facial and probably to cut my hair. Now? Trying to design my “Petite PeP”!

Oh… This is such an INTERESTING saturday night. Now its 11.30pm, and I’m already back at home, preparing to sleep. Just now went for dinner at Secret Recipe at East Coast with Skyes and Leon. Then after that, there’s no plans, so they decided to go home. Wonderful… This is how I spend my saturday after one week of shitty work. Skyes did say he will accompany me, if I want. But looking at his face, I think he’s really tired also. Never mind… Sleep early.

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