“a lot of ppl leaving…”

“a lot of ppl leaving this 2 months” – Thats the message I got when I logged into my MSN. Why? Its so saddening that so many people left or are leaving… Later ES want to have lunch with me. I’m quite sick of things myself. you know whats my MSN message? “我不是supergirl… :: jun’09 :: 幸福的敏敏 – 还能维持多久?” The first one was for AR, terrible. He’s getting on my nerves. Second one is for myself, I wonder if I can hit my target. Third is also for myself, ‘cos I’ve got my D’ling now. The last one… Its obvious…

Have you ever thought about your life before? How meaningless it is… I had lunch with ES just now. Yes, I can understand how she felt ‘cos I’m feeling that way to. But am I doing anything? Now? Job satisfaction… I’m not having much now. Prospects… Do I have any? In this company? *Big Sigh*

I feel like vomiting…

Played the Citadels and drank the red wine that I bought from Australia till 9pm before I rushed back home. Called a cab, and a Mercedes cab came, with an old uncle driving. But the whole ride wasn’t too bad. Don’t feel too well for the whole night.

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