…Zhu Zhu…

He’s nice, treats me very nice… Although his temper might not be too good, he treats me real nice, dotes on me. And where possible, he tries to balance things too. Not giving or taking too much, for either parties.

Good morning! The time is 9.30am and I’m at home waiting for my Zhu Zhu, who just woke up ten minutes ago. He’s so cute sometimes! Not too bad, not too bad. Later going to Bishan to watch “Wild Hogs”. Now wearing this top which seems a bit too tight for me but never mind. Later I’m going to the library!!

Long day… First WZ came to fetch me to Bishan, where I had prata and he had ban mian for breakfast. Then we went to the library to borrow a few books before rushing for the movie. After that, we went back to his house to rest before going for his grandma’s birthday dinner. Terrible… He really has a rather big extended family. But somehow it wasn’t too bad, probably I’m quite used to those noisy kind of gathering. Oh well, I’ve seen all his relatives. *Giggles*

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