Going to JB Secretly

Good morning! The time is 8.37am and I’m already awake. Yes, today, I’m going to JB secretly with WZ and friends. Shh… Must keep it low. By right, they coming to fetch me at around 8.30am. But Leon called WZ to say that it will be postponed till 2 hours later ‘cos CL only reached home around 4am. Well… I’ll just have to wait and probably go and do some of my crafts!

Yeah! I went JB! In the end, CL didn’t want to go. *Urgh* Went to have some buffet at a restaurant. The food was nice but before that, Leon accidentally knocked onto another car while he parks. After that we went to Holiday Plaza which we got lost a few times. Goodness… WZ really suck at reading the maps. And at the carpark, Leon hit another car again. But this was partly that person’s fault. They got their DVDs and then we went back to Singapore after that. I went to WZ’s house first, and his mum cooked the sambal fish. Nice!

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