New Comer – Uncle Hai

There’s a new comer in my office, sitting at CW’s seat, and his name is Uncle Hai! I’m joking. His name is Hai Bo, which sounded like Hai Bo Bo. Chinese. Hands very coarse (shook hands with him). Today on Class 95, they listed 8 points to see if your partner (females to judge males only) is a good lover. And you know what, Skyes scored almost full points. Will have to confirm a few more again.

Updates from friends. PC back together with his ex-gf from Melbourne. He will be moving there for good next April. LL likes the ang moh she mentioned previously. No idea whats going to happen. And I really hate deployment. Wished it will be removed asap.

So sleepy after lunch. Now really must try to save up. My plans? I’m not following again. Its really difficult to follow strictly to it. How? Hmm… I think my plans are still a bit messy. Will take time to sort out. WZ going to HK soon, this friday…

I’m back home, at 7.30pm! So early! Must have a good rest. I’m so tired and that little cousin of mine still kept talking to me.

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