Extremely Hot Weather

I forgot to bring my specs again… Luckily I’ve got the contact lens. The weather’s getting so hot recently. Terrible…

Is it that difficult to follow instructions? I really don’t understand. Its all in simple English and I wrote it as clearly as possible but people still make the same mistakes again and again. And if you let things be, they just continue. So what do you do? Be firm and irritates them back! Never mind, I shall not let that affect my mood. Oh yes! I made another necklace yesterday night. Just a simple one, with all the miscellaneous beads.

Suddenly thought of something. If I were to really create “Petite PeP” and get a website, I’ll be spending money! So, in order to save some money, I have decided to use a blog! Isn’t that wonderful? But first of all, I need to check if that name is taken. And now, I just finished bathing but I think I’m already perspiring. Bloody weather… WZ getting sick soon. Hopefully he won’t get sick till after he comes back from HK.

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